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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
dm-1 read dev252_1_rtime gauge      
dm-1 write dev252_1_wtime gauge      
dm-2 read dev252_2_rtime gauge      
dm-2 write dev252_2_wtime gauge      
sdg read dev8_96_rtime gauge      
sdg write dev8_96_wtime gauge      
sdh read dev8_112_rtime gauge      
sdh write dev8_112_wtime gauge      
dm-4 read dev252_4_rtime gauge      
dm-4 write dev252_4_wtime gauge      
sdi read dev8_128_rtime gauge      
sdi write dev8_128_wtime gauge      
sdj read dev8_144_rtime gauge      
sdj write dev8_144_wtime gauge      
dm-5 read dev252_5_rtime gauge      
dm-5 write dev252_5_wtime gauge      
dm-125 read dev252_125_rtime gauge      
dm-125 write dev252_125_wtime gauge      
dm-127 read dev252_127_rtime gauge      
dm-127 write dev252_127_wtime gauge      
dm-180 read dev252_180_rtime gauge      
dm-180 write dev252_180_wtime gauge      
dm-310 read dev252_310_rtime gauge      
dm-310 write dev252_310_wtime gauge      
dm-393 read dev252_393_rtime gauge      
dm-393 write dev252_393_wtime gauge      
dm-450 read dev252_450_rtime gauge      
dm-450 write dev252_450_wtime gauge      
dm-451 read dev252_451_rtime gauge      
dm-451 write dev252_451_wtime gauge      
dm-511 read dev252_511_rtime gauge      
dm-511 write dev252_511_wtime gauge      
dm-561 read dev252_561_rtime gauge      
dm-561 write dev252_561_wtime gauge      
dm-642 read dev252_642_rtime gauge      
dm-642 write dev252_642_wtime gauge      
dm-1015 read dev252_1015_rtime gauge      
dm-1015 write dev252_1015_wtime gauge      
dm-1087 read dev252_1087_rtime gauge      
dm-1087 write dev252_1087_wtime gauge      
dm-1149 read dev252_1149_rtime gauge      
dm-1149 write dev252_1149_wtime gauge      
dm-1254 read dev252_1254_rtime gauge      
dm-1254 write dev252_1254_wtime gauge      
dm-1317 read dev252_1317_rtime gauge      
dm-1317 write dev252_1317_wtime gauge      
dm-1330 read dev252_1330_rtime gauge      
dm-1330 write dev252_1330_wtime gauge      
dm-1375 read dev252_1375_rtime gauge      
dm-1375 write dev252_1375_wtime gauge      
dm-1399 read dev252_1399_rtime gauge      
dm-1399 write dev252_1399_wtime gauge      
dm-1402 read dev252_1402_rtime gauge      
dm-1402 write dev252_1402_wtime gauge      
dm-1405 read dev252_1405_rtime gauge      
dm-1405 write dev252_1405_wtime gauge      
dm-1410 read dev252_1410_rtime gauge      
dm-1410 write dev252_1410_wtime gauge      
dm-1434 read dev252_1434_rtime gauge      
dm-1434 write dev252_1434_wtime gauge      
dm-1442 read dev252_1442_rtime gauge      
dm-1442 write dev252_1442_wtime gauge      
dm-1446 read dev252_1446_rtime gauge      
dm-1446 write dev252_1446_wtime gauge      
dm-1448 read dev252_1448_rtime gauge      
dm-1448 write dev252_1448_wtime gauge      
dm-1463 read dev252_1463_rtime gauge      
dm-1463 write dev252_1463_wtime gauge      
dm-1464 read dev252_1464_rtime gauge      
dm-1464 write dev252_1464_wtime gauge      
dm-1465 read dev252_1465_rtime gauge      
dm-1465 write dev252_1465_wtime gauge      
dm-1467 read dev252_1467_rtime gauge      
dm-1467 write dev252_1467_wtime gauge      
dm-1555 read dev252_1555_rtime gauge      
dm-1555 write dev252_1555_wtime gauge      
dm-1559 read dev252_1559_rtime gauge      
dm-1559 write dev252_1559_wtime gauge      
dm-1563 read dev252_1563_rtime gauge      
dm-1563 write dev252_1563_wtime gauge      
dm-1610 read dev252_1610_rtime gauge      
dm-1610 write dev252_1610_wtime gauge      
dm-1622 read dev252_1622_rtime gauge      
dm-1622 write dev252_1622_wtime gauge      
dm-1638 read dev252_1638_rtime gauge      
dm-1638 write dev252_1638_wtime gauge      
dm-1654 read dev252_1654_rtime gauge      
dm-1654 write dev252_1654_wtime gauge      
dm-1655 read dev252_1655_rtime gauge      
dm-1655 write dev252_1655_wtime gauge      
dm-1664 read dev252_1664_rtime gauge      
dm-1664 write dev252_1664_wtime gauge      
dm-1682 read dev252_1682_rtime gauge      
dm-1682 write dev252_1682_wtime gauge      
dm-1689 read dev252_1689_rtime gauge      
dm-1689 write dev252_1689_wtime gauge      
dm-1694 read dev252_1694_rtime gauge      
dm-1694 write dev252_1694_wtime gauge      
dm-1696 read dev252_1696_rtime gauge      
dm-1696 write dev252_1696_wtime gauge      
dm-1717 read dev252_1717_rtime gauge      
dm-1717 write dev252_1717_wtime gauge      
dm-1727 read dev252_1727_rtime gauge      
dm-1727 write dev252_1727_wtime gauge      
dm-1751 read dev252_1751_rtime gauge      
dm-1751 write dev252_1751_wtime gauge      
dm-1771 read dev252_1771_rtime gauge      
dm-1771 write dev252_1771_wtime gauge      
dm-1778 read dev252_1778_rtime gauge      
dm-1778 write dev252_1778_wtime gauge      
dm-1788 read dev252_1788_rtime gauge      
dm-1788 write dev252_1788_wtime gauge      
dm-1790 read dev252_1790_rtime gauge      
dm-1790 write dev252_1790_wtime gauge      
dm-1798 read dev252_1798_rtime gauge      
dm-1798 write dev252_1798_wtime gauge      
dm-1815 read dev252_1815_rtime gauge      
dm-1815 write dev252_1815_wtime gauge      
dm-1814 read dev252_1814_rtime gauge      
dm-1814 write dev252_1814_wtime gauge      
dm-452 read dev252_452_rtime gauge      
dm-452 write dev252_452_wtime gauge      
dm-1821 read dev252_1821_rtime gauge      
dm-1821 write dev252_1821_wtime gauge      
dm-686 read dev252_686_rtime gauge      
dm-686 write dev252_686_wtime gauge      
sdk read dev8_160_rtime gauge      
sdk write dev8_160_wtime gauge      
sdc read dev8_32_rtime gauge      
sdc write dev8_32_wtime gauge      
dm-1766 read dev252_1766_rtime gauge      
dm-1766 write dev252_1766_wtime gauge      
dm-1608 read dev252_1608_rtime gauge      
dm-1608 write dev252_1608_wtime gauge      
dm-1690 read dev252_1690_rtime gauge      
dm-1690 write dev252_1690_wtime gauge      
dm-1904 read dev252_1904_rtime gauge      
dm-1904 write dev252_1904_wtime gauge      
dm-1471 read dev252_1471_rtime gauge      
dm-1471 write dev252_1471_wtime gauge      
dm-1708 read dev252_1708_rtime gauge      
dm-1708 write dev252_1708_wtime gauge      
dm-1949 read dev252_1949_rtime gauge      
dm-1949 write dev252_1949_wtime gauge      
dm-1944 read dev252_1944_rtime gauge      
dm-1944 write dev252_1944_wtime gauge      
dm-1950 read dev252_1950_rtime gauge      
dm-1950 write dev252_1950_wtime gauge      
dm-1603 read dev252_1603_rtime gauge      
dm-1603 write dev252_1603_wtime gauge      
dm-1953 read dev252_1953_rtime gauge      
dm-1953 write dev252_1953_wtime gauge      
dm-1937 read dev252_1937_rtime gauge      
dm-1937 write dev252_1937_wtime gauge      
dm-1955 read dev252_1955_rtime gauge      
dm-1955 write dev252_1955_wtime gauge      
dm-1956 read dev252_1956_rtime gauge      
dm-1956 write dev252_1956_wtime gauge      
dm-1957 read dev252_1957_rtime gauge      
dm-1957 write dev252_1957_wtime gauge      
dm-1954 read dev252_1954_rtime gauge      
dm-1954 write dev252_1954_wtime gauge      
dm-1958 read dev252_1958_rtime gauge      
dm-1958 write dev252_1958_wtime gauge      
dm-1959 read dev252_1959_rtime gauge      
dm-1959 write dev252_1959_wtime gauge      
dm-1759 read dev252_1759_rtime gauge      
dm-1759 write dev252_1759_wtime gauge      
dm-1846 read dev252_1846_rtime gauge      
dm-1846 write dev252_1846_wtime gauge      
dm-1510 read dev252_1510_rtime gauge      
dm-1510 write dev252_1510_wtime gauge      
dm-1157 read dev252_1157_rtime gauge      
dm-1157 write dev252_1157_wtime gauge      
dm-1980 read dev252_1980_rtime gauge      
dm-1980 write dev252_1980_wtime gauge      
dm-1986 read dev252_1986_rtime gauge      
dm-1986 write dev252_1986_wtime gauge      
dm-1988 read dev252_1988_rtime gauge      
dm-1988 write dev252_1988_wtime gauge      
dm-1961 read dev252_1961_rtime gauge      
dm-1961 write dev252_1961_wtime gauge      
dm-2007 read dev252_2007_rtime gauge      
dm-2007 write dev252_2007_wtime gauge      
dm-2008 read dev252_2008_rtime gauge      
dm-2008 write dev252_2008_wtime gauge      
dm-1946 read dev252_1946_rtime gauge      
dm-1946 write dev252_1946_wtime gauge      
dm-2014 read dev252_2014_rtime gauge      
dm-2014 write dev252_2014_wtime gauge      
dm-2018 read dev252_2018_rtime gauge      
dm-2018 write dev252_2018_wtime gauge