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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
sde read dev8_64_rtime gauge      
sde write dev8_64_wtime gauge      
sdf read dev8_80_rtime gauge      
sdf write dev8_80_wtime gauge      
sdg read dev8_96_rtime gauge      
sdg write dev8_96_wtime gauge      
dm-3 read dev252_3_rtime gauge      
dm-3 write dev252_3_wtime gauge      
dm-4 read dev252_4_rtime gauge      
dm-4 write dev252_4_wtime gauge      
dm-5 read dev252_5_rtime gauge      
dm-5 write dev252_5_wtime gauge      
sdj read dev8_144_rtime gauge      
sdj write dev8_144_wtime gauge      
dm-63 read dev252_63_rtime gauge      
dm-63 write dev252_63_wtime gauge      
dm-581 read dev252_581_rtime gauge      
dm-581 write dev252_581_wtime gauge      
dm-736 read dev252_736_rtime gauge      
dm-736 write dev252_736_wtime gauge      
dm-1075 read dev252_1075_rtime gauge      
dm-1075 write dev252_1075_wtime gauge      
dm-1242 read dev252_1242_rtime gauge      
dm-1242 write dev252_1242_wtime gauge      
dm-1285 read dev252_1285_rtime gauge      
dm-1285 write dev252_1285_wtime gauge      
dm-1359 read dev252_1359_rtime gauge      
dm-1359 write dev252_1359_wtime gauge      
dm-1457 read dev252_1457_rtime gauge      
dm-1457 write dev252_1457_wtime gauge      
dm-1465 read dev252_1465_rtime gauge      
dm-1465 write dev252_1465_wtime gauge      
dm-1466 read dev252_1466_rtime gauge      
dm-1466 write dev252_1466_wtime gauge      
dm-1488 read dev252_1488_rtime gauge      
dm-1488 write dev252_1488_wtime gauge      
dm-1502 read dev252_1502_rtime gauge      
dm-1502 write dev252_1502_wtime gauge      
dm-1509 read dev252_1509_rtime gauge      
dm-1509 write dev252_1509_wtime gauge      
dm-1534 read dev252_1534_rtime gauge      
dm-1534 write dev252_1534_wtime gauge      
dm-1550 read dev252_1550_rtime gauge      
dm-1550 write dev252_1550_wtime gauge      
dm-1586 read dev252_1586_rtime gauge      
dm-1586 write dev252_1586_wtime gauge      
dm-1614 read dev252_1614_rtime gauge      
dm-1614 write dev252_1614_wtime gauge      
dm-1622 read dev252_1622_rtime gauge      
dm-1622 write dev252_1622_wtime gauge      
dm-1637 read dev252_1637_rtime gauge      
dm-1637 write dev252_1637_wtime gauge      
dm-1676 read dev252_1676_rtime gauge      
dm-1676 write dev252_1676_wtime gauge      
dm-1739 read dev252_1739_rtime gauge      
dm-1739 write dev252_1739_wtime gauge      
dm-1749 read dev252_1749_rtime gauge      
dm-1749 write dev252_1749_wtime gauge      
dm-1780 read dev252_1780_rtime gauge      
dm-1780 write dev252_1780_wtime gauge      
dm-1786 read dev252_1786_rtime gauge      
dm-1786 write dev252_1786_wtime gauge      
dm-1789 read dev252_1789_rtime gauge      
dm-1789 write dev252_1789_wtime gauge      
dm-1840 read dev252_1840_rtime gauge      
dm-1840 write dev252_1840_wtime gauge      
dm-1846 read dev252_1846_rtime gauge      
dm-1846 write dev252_1846_wtime gauge      
dm-1849 read dev252_1849_rtime gauge      
dm-1849 write dev252_1849_wtime gauge      
dm-1897 read dev252_1897_rtime gauge      
dm-1897 write dev252_1897_wtime gauge      
dm-1910 read dev252_1910_rtime gauge      
dm-1910 write dev252_1910_wtime gauge      
dm-1916 read dev252_1916_rtime gauge      
dm-1916 write dev252_1916_wtime gauge      
dm-1917 read dev252_1917_rtime gauge      
dm-1917 write dev252_1917_wtime gauge      
dm-1921 read dev252_1921_rtime gauge      
dm-1921 write dev252_1921_wtime gauge      
dm-1938 read dev252_1938_rtime gauge      
dm-1938 write dev252_1938_wtime gauge      
dm-1954 read dev252_1954_rtime gauge      
dm-1954 write dev252_1954_wtime gauge      
dm-1956 read dev252_1956_rtime gauge      
dm-1956 write dev252_1956_wtime gauge      
dm-1961 read dev252_1961_rtime gauge      
dm-1961 write dev252_1961_wtime gauge      
dm-1965 read dev252_1965_rtime gauge      
dm-1965 write dev252_1965_wtime gauge      
dm-1878 read dev252_1878_rtime gauge      
dm-1878 write dev252_1878_wtime gauge      
dm-1756 read dev252_1756_rtime gauge      
dm-1756 write dev252_1756_wtime gauge      
dm-1973 read dev252_1973_rtime gauge      
dm-1973 write dev252_1973_wtime gauge      
dm-1972 read dev252_1972_rtime gauge      
dm-1972 write dev252_1972_wtime gauge      
dm-1979 read dev252_1979_rtime gauge      
dm-1979 write dev252_1979_wtime gauge      
dm-1327 read dev252_1327_rtime gauge      
dm-1327 write dev252_1327_wtime gauge      
dm-1461 read dev252_1461_rtime gauge      
dm-1461 write dev252_1461_wtime gauge      
dm-1994 read dev252_1994_rtime gauge      
dm-1994 write dev252_1994_wtime gauge      
dm-1996 read dev252_1996_rtime gauge      
dm-1996 write dev252_1996_wtime gauge      
dm-1995 read dev252_1995_rtime gauge      
dm-1995 write dev252_1995_wtime gauge      
dm-1998 read dev252_1998_rtime gauge      
dm-1998 write dev252_1998_wtime gauge      
dm-1796 read dev252_1796_rtime gauge      
dm-1796 write dev252_1796_wtime gauge      
dm-2007 read dev252_2007_rtime gauge      
dm-2007 write dev252_2007_wtime gauge      
dm-2011 read dev252_2011_rtime gauge      
dm-2011 write dev252_2011_wtime gauge      
dm-2019 read dev252_2019_rtime gauge      
dm-2019 write dev252_2019_wtime gauge      
dm-2013 read dev252_2013_rtime gauge      
dm-2013 write dev252_2013_wtime gauge