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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
sdd read dev8_48_rtime gauge      
sdd write dev8_48_wtime gauge      
sde read dev8_64_rtime gauge      
sde write dev8_64_wtime gauge      
sdg read dev8_96_rtime gauge      
sdg write dev8_96_wtime gauge      
sdh read dev8_112_rtime gauge      
sdh write dev8_112_wtime gauge      
sdi read dev8_128_rtime gauge      
sdi write dev8_128_wtime gauge      
dm-24 read dev252_24_rtime gauge      
dm-24 write dev252_24_wtime gauge      
dm-39 read dev252_39_rtime gauge      
dm-39 write dev252_39_wtime gauge      
dm-76 read dev252_76_rtime gauge      
dm-76 write dev252_76_wtime gauge      
dm-112 read dev252_112_rtime gauge      
dm-112 write dev252_112_wtime gauge      
dm-114 read dev252_114_rtime gauge      
dm-114 write dev252_114_wtime gauge      
dm-149 read dev252_149_rtime gauge      
dm-149 write dev252_149_wtime gauge      
dm-184 read dev252_184_rtime gauge      
dm-184 write dev252_184_wtime gauge      
dm-224 read dev252_224_rtime gauge      
dm-224 write dev252_224_wtime gauge      
dm-442 read dev252_442_rtime gauge      
dm-442 write dev252_442_wtime gauge      
dm-445 read dev252_445_rtime gauge      
dm-445 write dev252_445_wtime gauge      
dm-466 read dev252_466_rtime gauge      
dm-466 write dev252_466_wtime gauge      
dm-659 read dev252_659_rtime gauge      
dm-659 write dev252_659_wtime gauge      
dm-892 read dev252_892_rtime gauge      
dm-892 write dev252_892_wtime gauge      
dm-903 read dev252_903_rtime gauge      
dm-903 write dev252_903_wtime gauge      
dm-928 read dev252_928_rtime gauge      
dm-928 write dev252_928_wtime gauge      
dm-1128 read dev252_1128_rtime gauge      
dm-1128 write dev252_1128_wtime gauge      
dm-1129 read dev252_1129_rtime gauge      
dm-1129 write dev252_1129_wtime gauge      
dm-1130 read dev252_1130_rtime gauge      
dm-1130 write dev252_1130_wtime gauge      
dm-1199 read dev252_1199_rtime gauge      
dm-1199 write dev252_1199_wtime gauge      
dm-1205 read dev252_1205_rtime gauge      
dm-1205 write dev252_1205_wtime gauge      
dm-1255 read dev252_1255_rtime gauge      
dm-1255 write dev252_1255_wtime gauge      
dm-1368 read dev252_1368_rtime gauge      
dm-1368 write dev252_1368_wtime gauge      
dm-1564 read dev252_1564_rtime gauge      
dm-1564 write dev252_1564_wtime gauge      
dm-1587 read dev252_1587_rtime gauge      
dm-1587 write dev252_1587_wtime gauge      
dm-1598 read dev252_1598_rtime gauge      
dm-1598 write dev252_1598_wtime gauge      
dm-1600 read dev252_1600_rtime gauge      
dm-1600 write dev252_1600_wtime gauge      
dm-1605 read dev252_1605_rtime gauge      
dm-1605 write dev252_1605_wtime gauge      
dm-1682 read dev252_1682_rtime gauge      
dm-1682 write dev252_1682_wtime gauge      
dm-1701 read dev252_1701_rtime gauge      
dm-1701 write dev252_1701_wtime gauge      
dm-1718 read dev252_1718_rtime gauge      
dm-1718 write dev252_1718_wtime gauge      
dm-1720 read dev252_1720_rtime gauge      
dm-1720 write dev252_1720_wtime gauge      
dm-1721 read dev252_1721_rtime gauge      
dm-1721 write dev252_1721_wtime gauge      
dm-1784 read dev252_1784_rtime gauge      
dm-1784 write dev252_1784_wtime gauge      
dm-1790 read dev252_1790_rtime gauge      
dm-1790 write dev252_1790_wtime gauge      
dm-1806 read dev252_1806_rtime gauge      
dm-1806 write dev252_1806_wtime gauge      
dm-1807 read dev252_1807_rtime gauge      
dm-1807 write dev252_1807_wtime gauge      
dm-1831 read dev252_1831_rtime gauge      
dm-1831 write dev252_1831_wtime gauge      
dm-1842 read dev252_1842_rtime gauge      
dm-1842 write dev252_1842_wtime gauge      
dm-1843 read dev252_1843_rtime gauge      
dm-1843 write dev252_1843_wtime gauge      
dm-1889 read dev252_1889_rtime gauge      
dm-1889 write dev252_1889_wtime gauge      
dm-1930 read dev252_1930_rtime gauge      
dm-1930 write dev252_1930_wtime gauge      
dm-1935 read dev252_1935_rtime gauge      
dm-1935 write dev252_1935_wtime gauge      
dm-1939 read dev252_1939_rtime gauge      
dm-1939 write dev252_1939_wtime gauge      
dm-1940 read dev252_1940_rtime gauge      
dm-1940 write dev252_1940_wtime gauge      
dm-1960 read dev252_1960_rtime gauge      
dm-1960 write dev252_1960_wtime gauge      
dm-1980 read dev252_1980_rtime gauge      
dm-1980 write dev252_1980_wtime gauge      
dm-1725 read dev252_1725_rtime gauge      
dm-1725 write dev252_1725_wtime gauge      
dm-1993 read dev252_1993_rtime gauge      
dm-1993 write dev252_1993_wtime gauge      
dm-1998 read dev252_1998_rtime gauge      
dm-1998 write dev252_1998_wtime gauge      
dm-1999 read dev252_1999_rtime gauge      
dm-1999 write dev252_1999_wtime gauge      
dm-2001 read dev252_2001_rtime gauge      
dm-2001 write dev252_2001_wtime gauge      
dm-2002 read dev252_2002_rtime gauge      
dm-2002 write dev252_2002_wtime gauge      
dm-2004 read dev252_2004_rtime gauge      
dm-2004 write dev252_2004_wtime gauge      
dm-2003 read dev252_2003_rtime gauge      
dm-2003 write dev252_2003_wtime gauge      
dm-2018 read dev252_2018_rtime gauge      
dm-2018 write dev252_2018_wtime gauge