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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
dm-1 read dev252_1_rtime gauge      
dm-1 write dev252_1_wtime gauge      
sdc read dev8_32_rtime gauge      
sdc write dev8_32_wtime gauge      
dm-3 read dev252_3_rtime gauge      
dm-3 write dev252_3_wtime gauge      
sdh read dev8_112_rtime gauge      
sdh write dev8_112_wtime gauge      
dm-4 read dev252_4_rtime gauge      
dm-4 write dev252_4_wtime gauge      
dm-77 read dev252_77_rtime gauge      
dm-77 write dev252_77_wtime gauge      
dm-115 read dev252_115_rtime gauge      
dm-115 write dev252_115_wtime gauge      
dm-118 read dev252_118_rtime gauge      
dm-118 write dev252_118_wtime gauge      
dm-165 read dev252_165_rtime gauge      
dm-165 write dev252_165_wtime gauge      
dm-211 read dev252_211_rtime gauge      
dm-211 write dev252_211_wtime gauge      
dm-231 read dev252_231_rtime gauge      
dm-231 write dev252_231_wtime gauge      
dm-293 read dev252_293_rtime gauge      
dm-293 write dev252_293_wtime gauge      
dm-295 read dev252_295_rtime gauge      
dm-295 write dev252_295_wtime gauge      
dm-362 read dev252_362_rtime gauge      
dm-362 write dev252_362_wtime gauge      
dm-424 read dev252_424_rtime gauge      
dm-424 write dev252_424_wtime gauge      
dm-428 read dev252_428_rtime gauge      
dm-428 write dev252_428_wtime gauge      
dm-449 read dev252_449_rtime gauge      
dm-449 write dev252_449_wtime gauge      
dm-450 read dev252_450_rtime gauge      
dm-450 write dev252_450_wtime gauge      
dm-453 read dev252_453_rtime gauge      
dm-453 write dev252_453_wtime gauge      
dm-463 read dev252_463_rtime gauge      
dm-463 write dev252_463_wtime gauge      
dm-488 read dev252_488_rtime gauge      
dm-488 write dev252_488_wtime gauge      
dm-510 read dev252_510_rtime gauge      
dm-510 write dev252_510_wtime gauge      
dm-511 read dev252_511_rtime gauge      
dm-511 write dev252_511_wtime gauge      
dm-513 read dev252_513_rtime gauge      
dm-513 write dev252_513_wtime gauge      
dm-525 read dev252_525_rtime gauge      
dm-525 write dev252_525_wtime gauge      
dm-559 read dev252_559_rtime gauge      
dm-559 write dev252_559_wtime gauge      
dm-581 read dev252_581_rtime gauge      
dm-581 write dev252_581_wtime gauge      
dm-583 read dev252_583_rtime gauge      
dm-583 write dev252_583_wtime gauge      
dm-600 read dev252_600_rtime gauge      
dm-600 write dev252_600_wtime gauge      
dm-612 read dev252_612_rtime gauge      
dm-612 write dev252_612_wtime gauge      
dm-618 read dev252_618_rtime gauge      
dm-618 write dev252_618_wtime gauge      
dm-621 read dev252_621_rtime gauge      
dm-621 write dev252_621_wtime gauge      
dm-697 read dev252_697_rtime gauge      
dm-697 write dev252_697_wtime gauge      
dm-698 read dev252_698_rtime gauge      
dm-698 write dev252_698_wtime gauge      
dm-708 read dev252_708_rtime gauge      
dm-708 write dev252_708_wtime gauge      
dm-713 read dev252_713_rtime gauge      
dm-713 write dev252_713_wtime gauge      
dm-715 read dev252_715_rtime gauge      
dm-715 write dev252_715_wtime gauge      
dm-729 read dev252_729_rtime gauge      
dm-729 write dev252_729_wtime gauge      
dm-820 read dev252_820_rtime gauge      
dm-820 write dev252_820_wtime gauge      
dm-864 read dev252_864_rtime gauge      
dm-864 write dev252_864_wtime gauge      
dm-877 read dev252_877_rtime gauge      
dm-877 write dev252_877_wtime gauge      
dm-879 read dev252_879_rtime gauge      
dm-879 write dev252_879_wtime gauge      
dm-881 read dev252_881_rtime gauge      
dm-881 write dev252_881_wtime gauge      
dm-889 read dev252_889_rtime gauge      
dm-889 write dev252_889_wtime gauge      
dm-891 read dev252_891_rtime gauge      
dm-891 write dev252_891_wtime gauge      
dm-913 read dev252_913_rtime gauge      
dm-913 write dev252_913_wtime gauge      
dm-934 read dev252_934_rtime gauge      
dm-934 write dev252_934_wtime gauge      
dm-944 read dev252_944_rtime gauge      
dm-944 write dev252_944_wtime gauge      
dm-954 read dev252_954_rtime gauge      
dm-954 write dev252_954_wtime gauge      
dm-961 read dev252_961_rtime gauge      
dm-961 write dev252_961_wtime gauge      
dm-970 read dev252_970_rtime gauge      
dm-970 write dev252_970_wtime gauge      
dm-979 read dev252_979_rtime gauge      
dm-979 write dev252_979_wtime gauge      
dm-988 read dev252_988_rtime gauge      
dm-988 write dev252_988_wtime gauge      
dm-1002 read dev252_1002_rtime gauge      
dm-1002 write dev252_1002_wtime gauge      
dm-1005 read dev252_1005_rtime gauge      
dm-1005 write dev252_1005_wtime gauge      
dm-1010 read dev252_1010_rtime gauge      
dm-1010 write dev252_1010_wtime gauge      
dm-1017 read dev252_1017_rtime gauge      
dm-1017 write dev252_1017_wtime gauge      
dm-1021 read dev252_1021_rtime gauge      
dm-1021 write dev252_1021_wtime gauge      
dm-1027 read dev252_1027_rtime gauge      
dm-1027 write dev252_1027_wtime gauge      
dm-1043 read dev252_1043_rtime gauge      
dm-1043 write dev252_1043_wtime gauge      
dm-1046 read dev252_1046_rtime gauge      
dm-1046 write dev252_1046_wtime gauge      
dm-1092 read dev252_1092_rtime gauge      
dm-1092 write dev252_1092_wtime gauge      
dm-1107 read dev252_1107_rtime gauge      
dm-1107 write dev252_1107_wtime gauge      
dm-1109 read dev252_1109_rtime gauge      
dm-1109 write dev252_1109_wtime gauge      
dm-1114 read dev252_1114_rtime gauge      
dm-1114 write dev252_1114_wtime gauge      
dm-1162 read dev252_1162_rtime gauge      
dm-1162 write dev252_1162_wtime gauge      
dm-1209 read dev252_1209_rtime gauge      
dm-1209 write dev252_1209_wtime gauge      
dm-1210 read dev252_1210_rtime gauge      
dm-1210 write dev252_1210_wtime gauge      
dm-1235 read dev252_1235_rtime gauge      
dm-1235 write dev252_1235_wtime gauge      
dm-1252 read dev252_1252_rtime gauge      
dm-1252 write dev252_1252_wtime gauge      
dm-1257 read dev252_1257_rtime gauge      
dm-1257 write dev252_1257_wtime gauge      
dm-1292 read dev252_1292_rtime gauge      
dm-1292 write dev252_1292_wtime gauge      
dm-1293 read dev252_1293_rtime gauge      
dm-1293 write dev252_1293_wtime gauge      
dm-1309 read dev252_1309_rtime gauge      
dm-1309 write dev252_1309_wtime gauge      
dm-1316 read dev252_1316_rtime gauge      
dm-1316 write dev252_1316_wtime gauge      
dm-1329 read dev252_1329_rtime gauge      
dm-1329 write dev252_1329_wtime gauge      
dm-1365 read dev252_1365_rtime gauge      
dm-1365 write dev252_1365_wtime gauge      
dm-1375 read dev252_1375_rtime gauge      
dm-1375 write dev252_1375_wtime gauge      
dm-1381 read dev252_1381_rtime gauge      
dm-1381 write dev252_1381_wtime gauge      
dm-1403 read dev252_1403_rtime gauge      
dm-1403 write dev252_1403_wtime gauge      
dm-1405 read dev252_1405_rtime gauge      
dm-1405 write dev252_1405_wtime gauge      
dm-1410 read dev252_1410_rtime gauge      
dm-1410 write dev252_1410_wtime gauge      
dm-1417 read dev252_1417_rtime gauge      
dm-1417 write dev252_1417_wtime gauge      
dm-1420 read dev252_1420_rtime gauge      
dm-1420 write dev252_1420_wtime gauge      
dm-1421 read dev252_1421_rtime gauge      
dm-1421 write dev252_1421_wtime gauge      
dm-1425 read dev252_1425_rtime gauge      
dm-1425 write dev252_1425_wtime gauge      
dm-1444 read dev252_1444_rtime gauge      
dm-1444 write dev252_1444_wtime gauge      
dm-1448 read dev252_1448_rtime gauge      
dm-1448 write dev252_1448_wtime gauge      
dm-1453 read dev252_1453_rtime gauge      
dm-1453 write dev252_1453_wtime gauge      
dm-1473 read dev252_1473_rtime gauge      
dm-1473 write dev252_1473_wtime gauge      
dm-1552 read dev252_1552_rtime gauge      
dm-1552 write dev252_1552_wtime gauge      
dm-1240 read dev252_1240_rtime gauge      
dm-1240 write dev252_1240_wtime gauge      
sdi read dev8_128_rtime gauge      
sdi write dev8_128_wtime gauge      
sdj read dev8_144_rtime gauge      
sdj write dev8_144_wtime gauge      
dm-1449 read dev252_1449_rtime gauge      
dm-1449 write dev252_1449_wtime gauge      
dm-1402 read dev252_1402_rtime gauge      
dm-1402 write dev252_1402_wtime gauge      
dm-1638 read dev252_1638_rtime gauge      
dm-1638 write dev252_1638_wtime gauge      
dm-696 read dev252_696_rtime gauge      
dm-696 write dev252_696_wtime gauge      
dm-1565 read dev252_1565_rtime gauge      
dm-1565 write dev252_1565_wtime gauge      
dm-1668 read dev252_1668_rtime gauge      
dm-1668 write dev252_1668_wtime gauge      
dm-1675 read dev252_1675_rtime gauge      
dm-1675 write dev252_1675_wtime gauge      
dm-1684 read dev252_1684_rtime gauge      
dm-1684 write dev252_1684_wtime gauge      
dm-1515 read dev252_1515_rtime gauge      
dm-1515 write dev252_1515_wtime gauge      
dm-1049 read dev252_1049_rtime gauge      
dm-1049 write dev252_1049_wtime gauge      
dm-1732 read dev252_1732_rtime gauge      
dm-1732 write dev252_1732_wtime gauge      
dm-1735 read dev252_1735_rtime gauge      
dm-1735 write dev252_1735_wtime gauge      
dm-1753 read dev252_1753_rtime gauge      
dm-1753 write dev252_1753_wtime gauge      
dm-1120 read dev252_1120_rtime gauge      
dm-1120 write dev252_1120_wtime gauge      
dm-1651 read dev252_1651_rtime gauge      
dm-1651 write dev252_1651_wtime gauge      
dm-1569 read dev252_1569_rtime gauge      
dm-1569 write dev252_1569_wtime gauge      
dm-809 read dev252_809_rtime gauge      
dm-809 write dev252_809_wtime gauge      
dm-847 read dev252_847_rtime gauge      
dm-847 write dev252_847_wtime gauge      
sdk read dev8_160_rtime gauge      
sdk write dev8_160_wtime gauge      
sdf read dev8_80_rtime gauge      
sdf write dev8_80_wtime gauge      
dm-861 read dev252_861_rtime gauge      
dm-861 write dev252_861_wtime gauge      
dm-1434 read dev252_1434_rtime gauge      
dm-1434 write dev252_1434_wtime gauge      
dm-1299 read dev252_1299_rtime gauge      
dm-1299 write dev252_1299_wtime gauge      
dm-1013 read dev252_1013_rtime gauge      
dm-1013 write dev252_1013_wtime gauge      
dm-1104 read dev252_1104_rtime gauge      
dm-1104 write dev252_1104_wtime gauge      
dm-1761 read dev252_1761_rtime gauge      
dm-1761 write dev252_1761_wtime gauge      
dm-1854 read dev252_1854_rtime gauge      
dm-1854 write dev252_1854_wtime gauge      
dm-1862 read dev252_1862_rtime gauge      
dm-1862 write dev252_1862_wtime gauge      
dm-1430 read dev252_1430_rtime gauge      
dm-1430 write dev252_1430_wtime gauge      
dm-1269 read dev252_1269_rtime gauge      
dm-1269 write dev252_1269_wtime gauge      
dm-1892 read dev252_1892_rtime gauge      
dm-1892 write dev252_1892_wtime gauge      
dm-1899 read dev252_1899_rtime gauge      
dm-1899 write dev252_1899_wtime gauge      
dm-1900 read dev252_1900_rtime gauge      
dm-1900 write dev252_1900_wtime gauge      
dm-1901 read dev252_1901_rtime gauge      
dm-1901 write dev252_1901_wtime gauge      
dm-1907 read dev252_1907_rtime gauge      
dm-1907 write dev252_1907_wtime gauge      
dm-1908 read dev252_1908_rtime gauge      
dm-1908 write dev252_1908_wtime gauge      
dm-1914 read dev252_1914_rtime gauge      
dm-1914 write dev252_1914_wtime gauge      
dm-1873 read dev252_1873_rtime gauge      
dm-1873 write dev252_1873_wtime gauge      
dm-1911 read dev252_1911_rtime gauge      
dm-1911 write dev252_1911_wtime gauge      
dm-1920 read dev252_1920_rtime gauge      
dm-1920 write dev252_1920_wtime gauge      
dm-1928 read dev252_1928_rtime gauge      
dm-1928 write dev252_1928_wtime gauge      
dm-1929 read dev252_1929_rtime gauge      
dm-1929 write dev252_1929_wtime gauge      
dm-1877 read dev252_1877_rtime gauge      
dm-1877 write dev252_1877_wtime gauge      
dm-1933 read dev252_1933_rtime gauge      
dm-1933 write dev252_1933_wtime gauge      
dm-1951 read dev252_1951_rtime gauge      
dm-1951 write dev252_1951_wtime gauge      
dm-1954 read dev252_1954_rtime gauge      
dm-1954 write dev252_1954_wtime gauge      
dm-1938 read dev252_1938_rtime gauge      
dm-1938 write dev252_1938_wtime gauge      
dm-1956 read dev252_1956_rtime gauge      
dm-1956 write dev252_1956_wtime gauge      
dm-1957 read dev252_1957_rtime gauge      
dm-1957 write dev252_1957_wtime gauge      
dm-1959 read dev252_1959_rtime gauge      
dm-1959 write dev252_1959_wtime gauge      
dm-1960 read dev252_1960_rtime gauge      
dm-1960 write dev252_1960_wtime gauge      
dm-1964 read dev252_1964_rtime gauge      
dm-1964 write dev252_1964_wtime gauge      
dm-1837 read dev252_1837_rtime gauge      
dm-1837 write dev252_1837_wtime gauge      
dm-1969 read dev252_1969_rtime gauge      
dm-1969 write dev252_1969_wtime gauge      
dm-1971 read dev252_1971_rtime gauge      
dm-1971 write dev252_1971_wtime gauge      
dm-1199 read dev252_1199_rtime gauge      
dm-1199 write dev252_1199_wtime gauge      
dm-1984 read dev252_1984_rtime gauge      
dm-1984 write dev252_1984_wtime gauge      
dm-1989 read dev252_1989_rtime gauge      
dm-1989 write dev252_1989_wtime gauge      
dm-1996 read dev252_1996_rtime gauge      
dm-1996 write dev252_1996_wtime gauge      
dm-24 read dev252_24_rtime gauge      
dm-24 write dev252_24_wtime gauge      
dm-2012 read dev252_2012_rtime gauge      
dm-2012 write dev252_2012_wtime gauge      
dm-2013 read dev252_2013_rtime gauge      
dm-2013 write dev252_2013_wtime gauge      
dm-2016 read dev252_2016_rtime gauge      
dm-2016 write dev252_2016_wtime gauge      
dm-2017 read dev252_2017_rtime gauge      
dm-2017 write dev252_2017_wtime gauge      
dm-2018 read dev252_2018_rtime gauge      
dm-2018 write dev252_2018_wtime gauge      
dm-2024 read dev252_2024_rtime gauge      
dm-2024 write dev252_2024_wtime gauge