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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
dm-1 read dev252_1_rtime gauge      
dm-1 write dev252_1_wtime gauge      
sdc read dev8_32_rtime gauge      
sdc write dev8_32_wtime gauge      
dm-2 read dev252_2_rtime gauge      
dm-2 write dev252_2_wtime gauge      
sdd read dev8_48_rtime gauge      
sdd write dev8_48_wtime gauge      
sdg read dev8_96_rtime gauge      
sdg write dev8_96_wtime gauge      
sdh read dev8_112_rtime gauge      
sdh write dev8_112_wtime gauge      
dm-4 read dev252_4_rtime gauge      
dm-4 write dev252_4_wtime gauge      
sdi read dev8_128_rtime gauge      
sdi write dev8_128_wtime gauge      
sdj read dev8_144_rtime gauge      
sdj write dev8_144_wtime gauge      
dm-5 read dev252_5_rtime gauge      
dm-5 write dev252_5_wtime gauge      
dm-116 read dev252_116_rtime gauge      
dm-116 write dev252_116_wtime gauge      
dm-148 read dev252_148_rtime gauge      
dm-148 write dev252_148_wtime gauge      
dm-230 read dev252_230_rtime gauge      
dm-230 write dev252_230_wtime gauge      
dm-274 read dev252_274_rtime gauge      
dm-274 write dev252_274_wtime gauge      
dm-406 read dev252_406_rtime gauge      
dm-406 write dev252_406_wtime gauge      
dm-452 read dev252_452_rtime gauge      
dm-452 write dev252_452_wtime gauge      
dm-502 read dev252_502_rtime gauge      
dm-502 write dev252_502_wtime gauge      
dm-509 read dev252_509_rtime gauge      
dm-509 write dev252_509_wtime gauge      
dm-607 read dev252_607_rtime gauge      
dm-607 write dev252_607_wtime gauge      
dm-730 read dev252_730_rtime gauge      
dm-730 write dev252_730_wtime gauge      
dm-1097 read dev252_1097_rtime gauge      
dm-1097 write dev252_1097_wtime gauge      
dm-1323 read dev252_1323_rtime gauge      
dm-1323 write dev252_1323_wtime gauge      
dm-1348 read dev252_1348_rtime gauge      
dm-1348 write dev252_1348_wtime gauge      
dm-1436 read dev252_1436_rtime gauge      
dm-1436 write dev252_1436_wtime gauge      
dm-1446 read dev252_1446_rtime gauge      
dm-1446 write dev252_1446_wtime gauge      
dm-1455 read dev252_1455_rtime gauge      
dm-1455 write dev252_1455_wtime gauge      
dm-1456 read dev252_1456_rtime gauge      
dm-1456 write dev252_1456_wtime gauge      
dm-1462 read dev252_1462_rtime gauge      
dm-1462 write dev252_1462_wtime gauge      
dm-1470 read dev252_1470_rtime gauge      
dm-1470 write dev252_1470_wtime gauge      
dm-1472 read dev252_1472_rtime gauge      
dm-1472 write dev252_1472_wtime gauge      
dm-1482 read dev252_1482_rtime gauge      
dm-1482 write dev252_1482_wtime gauge      
dm-1488 read dev252_1488_rtime gauge      
dm-1488 write dev252_1488_wtime gauge      
dm-1491 read dev252_1491_rtime gauge      
dm-1491 write dev252_1491_wtime gauge      
dm-1492 read dev252_1492_rtime gauge      
dm-1492 write dev252_1492_wtime gauge      
dm-1587 read dev252_1587_rtime gauge      
dm-1587 write dev252_1587_wtime gauge      
dm-1613 read dev252_1613_rtime gauge      
dm-1613 write dev252_1613_wtime gauge      
dm-1640 read dev252_1640_rtime gauge      
dm-1640 write dev252_1640_wtime gauge      
dm-1668 read dev252_1668_rtime gauge      
dm-1668 write dev252_1668_wtime gauge      
dm-1700 read dev252_1700_rtime gauge      
dm-1700 write dev252_1700_wtime gauge      
dm-1712 read dev252_1712_rtime gauge      
dm-1712 write dev252_1712_wtime gauge      
dm-1757 read dev252_1757_rtime gauge      
dm-1757 write dev252_1757_wtime gauge      
dm-1459 read dev252_1459_rtime gauge      
dm-1459 write dev252_1459_wtime gauge      
dm-1762 read dev252_1762_rtime gauge      
dm-1762 write dev252_1762_wtime gauge      
dm-1739 read dev252_1739_rtime gauge      
dm-1739 write dev252_1739_wtime gauge      
dm-1741 read dev252_1741_rtime gauge      
dm-1741 write dev252_1741_wtime gauge      
dm-1795 read dev252_1795_rtime gauge      
dm-1795 write dev252_1795_wtime gauge      
dm-1758 read dev252_1758_rtime gauge      
dm-1758 write dev252_1758_wtime gauge      
dm-1173 read dev252_1173_rtime gauge      
dm-1173 write dev252_1173_wtime gauge      
dm-1585 read dev252_1585_rtime gauge      
dm-1585 write dev252_1585_wtime gauge      
dm-1019 read dev252_1019_rtime gauge      
dm-1019 write dev252_1019_wtime gauge      
dm-1844 read dev252_1844_rtime gauge      
dm-1844 write dev252_1844_wtime gauge      
dm-1849 read dev252_1849_rtime gauge      
dm-1849 write dev252_1849_wtime gauge      
dm-1487 read dev252_1487_rtime gauge      
dm-1487 write dev252_1487_wtime gauge      
dm-1853 read dev252_1853_rtime gauge      
dm-1853 write dev252_1853_wtime gauge      
dm-1772 read dev252_1772_rtime gauge      
dm-1772 write dev252_1772_wtime gauge      
dm-1859 read dev252_1859_rtime gauge      
dm-1859 write dev252_1859_wtime gauge      
dm-1582 read dev252_1582_rtime gauge      
dm-1582 write dev252_1582_wtime gauge      
dm-1304 read dev252_1304_rtime gauge      
dm-1304 write dev252_1304_wtime gauge      
dm-1303 read dev252_1303_rtime gauge      
dm-1303 write dev252_1303_wtime gauge      
dm-1862 read dev252_1862_rtime gauge      
dm-1862 write dev252_1862_wtime gauge      
dm-1864 read dev252_1864_rtime gauge      
dm-1864 write dev252_1864_wtime gauge      
dm-1860 read dev252_1860_rtime gauge      
dm-1860 write dev252_1860_wtime gauge      
dm-1489 read dev252_1489_rtime gauge      
dm-1489 write dev252_1489_wtime gauge      
dm-1831 read dev252_1831_rtime gauge      
dm-1831 write dev252_1831_wtime gauge      
dm-1535 read dev252_1535_rtime gauge      
dm-1535 write dev252_1535_wtime gauge      
dm-1893 read dev252_1893_rtime gauge      
dm-1893 write dev252_1893_wtime gauge      
dm-555 read dev252_555_rtime gauge      
dm-555 write dev252_555_wtime gauge      
dm-1902 read dev252_1902_rtime gauge      
dm-1902 write dev252_1902_wtime gauge      
dm-1904 read dev252_1904_rtime gauge      
dm-1904 write dev252_1904_wtime gauge      
dm-1078 read dev252_1078_rtime gauge      
dm-1078 write dev252_1078_wtime gauge      
dm-1873 read dev252_1873_rtime gauge      
dm-1873 write dev252_1873_wtime gauge      
dm-1485 read dev252_1485_rtime gauge      
dm-1485 write dev252_1485_wtime gauge      
dm-1334 read dev252_1334_rtime gauge      
dm-1334 write dev252_1334_wtime gauge      
dm-1927 read dev252_1927_rtime gauge      
dm-1927 write dev252_1927_wtime gauge      
dm-1877 read dev252_1877_rtime gauge      
dm-1877 write dev252_1877_wtime gauge      
dm-1949 read dev252_1949_rtime gauge      
dm-1949 write dev252_1949_wtime gauge      
dm-1601 read dev252_1601_rtime gauge      
dm-1601 write dev252_1601_wtime gauge      
dm-1951 read dev252_1951_rtime gauge      
dm-1951 write dev252_1951_wtime gauge      
dm-1625 read dev252_1625_rtime gauge      
dm-1625 write dev252_1625_wtime gauge      
dm-1938 read dev252_1938_rtime gauge      
dm-1938 write dev252_1938_wtime gauge      
dm-1956 read dev252_1956_rtime gauge      
dm-1956 write dev252_1956_wtime gauge      
dm-1957 read dev252_1957_rtime gauge      
dm-1957 write dev252_1957_wtime gauge      
dm-1958 read dev252_1958_rtime gauge      
dm-1958 write dev252_1958_wtime gauge      
dm-1955 read dev252_1955_rtime gauge      
dm-1955 write dev252_1955_wtime gauge      
dm-1959 read dev252_1959_rtime gauge      
dm-1959 write dev252_1959_wtime gauge      
dm-1960 read dev252_1960_rtime gauge      
dm-1960 write dev252_1960_wtime gauge      
dm-670 read dev252_670_rtime gauge      
dm-670 write dev252_670_wtime gauge      
dm-1973 read dev252_1973_rtime gauge      
dm-1973 write dev252_1973_wtime gauge      
dm-1977 read dev252_1977_rtime gauge      
dm-1977 write dev252_1977_wtime gauge      
dm-1981 read dev252_1981_rtime gauge      
dm-1981 write dev252_1981_wtime gauge      
dm-1984 read dev252_1984_rtime gauge      
dm-1984 write dev252_1984_wtime gauge      
dm-1398 read dev252_1398_rtime gauge      
dm-1398 write dev252_1398_wtime gauge      
dm-2017 read dev252_2017_rtime gauge      
dm-2017 write dev252_2017_wtime gauge      
dm-876 read dev252_876_rtime gauge      
dm-876 write dev252_876_wtime gauge      
dm-2027 read dev252_2027_rtime gauge      
dm-2027 write dev252_2027_wtime gauge      
dm-2016 read dev252_2016_rtime gauge      
dm-2016 write dev252_2016_wtime gauge      
dm-1616 read dev252_1616_rtime gauge      
dm-1616 write dev252_1616_wtime gauge      
dm-1913 read dev252_1913_rtime gauge      
dm-1913 write dev252_1913_wtime gauge      
dm-2029 read dev252_2029_rtime gauge      
dm-2029 write dev252_2029_wtime gauge      
dm-2038 read dev252_2038_rtime gauge      
dm-2038 write dev252_2038_wtime gauge      
dm-648 read dev252_648_rtime gauge      
dm-648 write dev252_648_wtime gauge      
dm-2031 read dev252_2031_rtime gauge      
dm-2031 write dev252_2031_wtime gauge      
dm-2042 read dev252_2042_rtime gauge      
dm-2042 write dev252_2042_wtime gauge      
dm-2048 read dev252_2048_rtime gauge      
dm-2048 write dev252_2048_wtime gauge