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For each applicable disk device this plugin shows the latency (or delay) for I/O operations on that disk device. The delay is in part made up of waiting for the disk to flush the data, and if data arrives at the disk faster than it can read or write it then the delay time will include the time needed for waiting in the queue.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
sda read dev8_0_rtime gauge      
sda write dev8_0_wtime gauge      
sdb read dev8_16_rtime gauge      
sdb write dev8_16_wtime gauge      
dm-0 read dev252_0_rtime gauge      
dm-0 write dev252_0_wtime gauge      
dm-1 read dev252_1_rtime gauge      
dm-1 write dev252_1_wtime gauge      
sdc read dev8_32_rtime gauge      
sdc write dev8_32_wtime gauge      
sdh read dev8_112_rtime gauge      
sdh write dev8_112_wtime gauge      
dm-3 read dev252_3_rtime gauge      
dm-3 write dev252_3_wtime gauge      
dm-4 read dev252_4_rtime gauge      
dm-4 write dev252_4_wtime gauge      
dm-23 read dev252_23_rtime gauge      
dm-23 write dev252_23_wtime gauge      
dm-26 read dev252_26_rtime gauge      
dm-26 write dev252_26_wtime gauge      
dm-29 read dev252_29_rtime gauge      
dm-29 write dev252_29_wtime gauge      
dm-115 read dev252_115_rtime gauge      
dm-115 write dev252_115_wtime gauge      
dm-125 read dev252_125_rtime gauge      
dm-125 write dev252_125_wtime gauge      
dm-252 read dev252_252_rtime gauge      
dm-252 write dev252_252_wtime gauge      
dm-371 read dev252_371_rtime gauge      
dm-371 write dev252_371_wtime gauge      
dm-382 read dev252_382_rtime gauge      
dm-382 write dev252_382_wtime gauge      
dm-394 read dev252_394_rtime gauge      
dm-394 write dev252_394_wtime gauge      
dm-453 read dev252_453_rtime gauge      
dm-453 write dev252_453_wtime gauge      
dm-493 read dev252_493_rtime gauge      
dm-493 write dev252_493_wtime gauge      
dm-528 read dev252_528_rtime gauge      
dm-528 write dev252_528_wtime gauge      
dm-569 read dev252_569_rtime gauge      
dm-569 write dev252_569_wtime gauge      
dm-599 read dev252_599_rtime gauge      
dm-599 write dev252_599_wtime gauge      
dm-613 read dev252_613_rtime gauge      
dm-613 write dev252_613_wtime gauge      
dm-678 read dev252_678_rtime gauge      
dm-678 write dev252_678_wtime gauge      
dm-679 read dev252_679_rtime gauge      
dm-679 write dev252_679_wtime gauge      
dm-681 read dev252_681_rtime gauge      
dm-681 write dev252_681_wtime gauge      
dm-684 read dev252_684_rtime gauge      
dm-684 write dev252_684_wtime gauge      
dm-714 read dev252_714_rtime gauge      
dm-714 write dev252_714_wtime gauge      
dm-747 read dev252_747_rtime gauge      
dm-747 write dev252_747_wtime gauge      
dm-839 read dev252_839_rtime gauge      
dm-839 write dev252_839_wtime gauge      
dm-841 read dev252_841_rtime gauge      
dm-841 write dev252_841_wtime gauge      
dm-846 read dev252_846_rtime gauge      
dm-846 write dev252_846_wtime gauge      
dm-872 read dev252_872_rtime gauge      
dm-872 write dev252_872_wtime gauge      
dm-878 read dev252_878_rtime gauge      
dm-878 write dev252_878_wtime gauge      
dm-941 read dev252_941_rtime gauge      
dm-941 write dev252_941_wtime gauge      
dm-993 read dev252_993_rtime gauge      
dm-993 write dev252_993_wtime gauge      
dm-1030 read dev252_1030_rtime gauge      
dm-1030 write dev252_1030_wtime gauge      
dm-1111 read dev252_1111_rtime gauge      
dm-1111 write dev252_1111_wtime gauge      
dm-1112 read dev252_1112_rtime gauge      
dm-1112 write dev252_1112_wtime gauge      
dm-1114 read dev252_1114_rtime gauge      
dm-1114 write dev252_1114_wtime gauge      
dm-1119 read dev252_1119_rtime gauge      
dm-1119 write dev252_1119_wtime gauge      
dm-1123 read dev252_1123_rtime gauge      
dm-1123 write dev252_1123_wtime gauge      
dm-1147 read dev252_1147_rtime gauge      
dm-1147 write dev252_1147_wtime gauge      
dm-1153 read dev252_1153_rtime gauge      
dm-1153 write dev252_1153_wtime gauge      
dm-1156 read dev252_1156_rtime gauge      
dm-1156 write dev252_1156_wtime gauge      
dm-1171 read dev252_1171_rtime gauge      
dm-1171 write dev252_1171_wtime gauge      
dm-1179 read dev252_1179_rtime gauge      
dm-1179 write dev252_1179_wtime gauge      
dm-1191 read dev252_1191_rtime gauge      
dm-1191 write dev252_1191_wtime gauge      
dm-1197 read dev252_1197_rtime gauge      
dm-1197 write dev252_1197_wtime gauge      
dm-1203 read dev252_1203_rtime gauge      
dm-1203 write dev252_1203_wtime gauge      
dm-1204 read dev252_1204_rtime gauge      
dm-1204 write dev252_1204_wtime gauge      
dm-1206 read dev252_1206_rtime gauge      
dm-1206 write dev252_1206_wtime gauge      
dm-1213 read dev252_1213_rtime gauge      
dm-1213 write dev252_1213_wtime gauge      
dm-1220 read dev252_1220_rtime gauge      
dm-1220 write dev252_1220_wtime gauge      
dm-1221 read dev252_1221_rtime gauge      
dm-1221 write dev252_1221_wtime gauge      
dm-1226 read dev252_1226_rtime gauge      
dm-1226 write dev252_1226_wtime gauge      
dm-1239 read dev252_1239_rtime gauge      
dm-1239 write dev252_1239_wtime gauge      
dm-1245 read dev252_1245_rtime gauge      
dm-1245 write dev252_1245_wtime gauge      
dm-1253 read dev252_1253_rtime gauge      
dm-1253 write dev252_1253_wtime gauge      
dm-1276 read dev252_1276_rtime gauge      
dm-1276 write dev252_1276_wtime gauge      
dm-1278 read dev252_1278_rtime gauge      
dm-1278 write dev252_1278_wtime gauge      
dm-1284 read dev252_1284_rtime gauge      
dm-1284 write dev252_1284_wtime gauge      
dm-1289 read dev252_1289_rtime gauge      
dm-1289 write dev252_1289_wtime gauge      
dm-1290 read dev252_1290_rtime gauge      
dm-1290 write dev252_1290_wtime gauge      
dm-1306 read dev252_1306_rtime gauge      
dm-1306 write dev252_1306_wtime gauge      
dm-1317 read dev252_1317_rtime gauge      
dm-1317 write dev252_1317_wtime gauge      
dm-1331 read dev252_1331_rtime gauge      
dm-1331 write dev252_1331_wtime gauge      
dm-1341 read dev252_1341_rtime gauge      
dm-1341 write dev252_1341_wtime gauge      
dm-1343 read dev252_1343_rtime gauge      
dm-1343 write dev252_1343_wtime gauge      
dm-1347 read dev252_1347_rtime gauge      
dm-1347 write dev252_1347_wtime gauge      
dm-1362 read dev252_1362_rtime gauge      
dm-1362 write dev252_1362_wtime gauge      
dm-1371 read dev252_1371_rtime gauge      
dm-1371 write dev252_1371_wtime gauge      
dm-1378 read dev252_1378_rtime gauge      
dm-1378 write dev252_1378_wtime gauge      
dm-1380 read dev252_1380_rtime gauge      
dm-1380 write dev252_1380_wtime gauge      
dm-1388 read dev252_1388_rtime gauge      
dm-1388 write dev252_1388_wtime gauge      
dm-1398 read dev252_1398_rtime gauge      
dm-1398 write dev252_1398_wtime gauge      
dm-1399 read dev252_1399_rtime gauge      
dm-1399 write dev252_1399_wtime gauge      
dm-1405 read dev252_1405_rtime gauge      
dm-1405 write dev252_1405_wtime gauge      
dm-1427 read dev252_1427_rtime gauge      
dm-1427 write dev252_1427_wtime gauge      
dm-1433 read dev252_1433_rtime gauge      
dm-1433 write dev252_1433_wtime gauge      
dm-1435 read dev252_1435_rtime gauge      
dm-1435 write dev252_1435_wtime gauge      
dm-1439 read dev252_1439_rtime gauge      
dm-1439 write dev252_1439_wtime gauge      
dm-1440 read dev252_1440_rtime gauge      
dm-1440 write dev252_1440_wtime gauge      
dm-1441 read dev252_1441_rtime gauge      
dm-1441 write dev252_1441_wtime gauge      
dm-1447 read dev252_1447_rtime gauge      
dm-1447 write dev252_1447_wtime gauge      
dm-1451 read dev252_1451_rtime gauge      
dm-1451 write dev252_1451_wtime gauge      
dm-1464 read dev252_1464_rtime gauge      
dm-1464 write dev252_1464_wtime gauge      
dm-1468 read dev252_1468_rtime gauge      
dm-1468 write dev252_1468_wtime gauge      
dm-1474 read dev252_1474_rtime gauge      
dm-1474 write dev252_1474_wtime gauge      
dm-1475 read dev252_1475_rtime gauge      
dm-1475 write dev252_1475_wtime gauge      
dm-1483 read dev252_1483_rtime gauge      
dm-1483 write dev252_1483_wtime gauge      
dm-1491 read dev252_1491_rtime gauge      
dm-1491 write dev252_1491_wtime gauge      
dm-319 read dev252_319_rtime gauge      
dm-319 write dev252_319_wtime gauge      
dm-1533 read dev252_1533_rtime gauge      
dm-1533 write dev252_1533_wtime gauge      
sdi read dev8_128_rtime gauge      
sdi write dev8_128_wtime gauge      
sdj read dev8_144_rtime gauge      
sdj write dev8_144_wtime gauge      
dm-1449 read dev252_1449_rtime gauge      
dm-1449 write dev252_1449_wtime gauge      
dm-1531 read dev252_1531_rtime gauge      
dm-1531 write dev252_1531_wtime gauge      
dm-1617 read dev252_1617_rtime gauge      
dm-1617 write dev252_1617_wtime gauge      
dm-1619 read dev252_1619_rtime gauge      
dm-1619 write dev252_1619_wtime gauge      
dm-1646 read dev252_1646_rtime gauge      
dm-1646 write dev252_1646_wtime gauge      
dm-1650 read dev252_1650_rtime gauge      
dm-1650 write dev252_1650_wtime gauge      
dm-1513 read dev252_1513_rtime gauge      
dm-1513 write dev252_1513_wtime gauge      
dm-1561 read dev252_1561_rtime gauge      
dm-1561 write dev252_1561_wtime gauge      
dm-1666 read dev252_1666_rtime gauge      
dm-1666 write dev252_1666_wtime gauge      
dm-1585 read dev252_1585_rtime gauge      
dm-1585 write dev252_1585_wtime gauge      
dm-1267 read dev252_1267_rtime gauge      
dm-1267 write dev252_1267_wtime gauge      
dm-1700 read dev252_1700_rtime gauge      
dm-1700 write dev252_1700_wtime gauge      
dm-1713 read dev252_1713_rtime gauge      
dm-1713 write dev252_1713_wtime gauge      
dm-1723 read dev252_1723_rtime gauge      
dm-1723 write dev252_1723_wtime gauge      
dm-1740 read dev252_1740_rtime gauge      
dm-1740 write dev252_1740_wtime gauge      
dm-1687 read dev252_1687_rtime gauge      
dm-1687 write dev252_1687_wtime gauge      
dm-1733 read dev252_1733_rtime gauge      
dm-1733 write dev252_1733_wtime gauge      
dm-1757 read dev252_1757_rtime gauge      
dm-1757 write dev252_1757_wtime gauge      
dm-1718 read dev252_1718_rtime gauge      
dm-1718 write dev252_1718_wtime gauge      
dm-1759 read dev252_1759_rtime gauge      
dm-1759 write dev252_1759_wtime gauge      
dm-1514 read dev252_1514_rtime gauge      
dm-1514 write dev252_1514_wtime gauge      
dm-1774 read dev252_1774_rtime gauge      
dm-1774 write dev252_1774_wtime gauge      
dm-1773 read dev252_1773_rtime gauge      
dm-1773 write dev252_1773_wtime gauge      
dm-1820 read dev252_1820_rtime gauge      
dm-1820 write dev252_1820_wtime gauge      
dm-1348 read dev252_1348_rtime gauge      
dm-1348 write dev252_1348_wtime gauge      
sdf read dev8_80_rtime gauge      
sdf write dev8_80_wtime gauge      
sdg read dev8_96_rtime gauge      
sdg write dev8_96_wtime gauge      
dm-1104 read dev252_1104_rtime gauge      
dm-1104 write dev252_1104_wtime gauge      
dm-1606 read dev252_1606_rtime gauge      
dm-1606 write dev252_1606_wtime gauge      
dm-1862 read dev252_1862_rtime gauge      
dm-1862 write dev252_1862_wtime gauge      
dm-1460 read dev252_1460_rtime gauge      
dm-1460 write dev252_1460_wtime gauge      
dm-1886 read dev252_1886_rtime gauge      
dm-1886 write dev252_1886_wtime gauge      
dm-1845 read dev252_1845_rtime gauge      
dm-1845 write dev252_1845_wtime gauge      
dm-1919 read dev252_1919_rtime gauge      
dm-1919 write dev252_1919_wtime gauge      
dm-1034 read dev252_1034_rtime gauge      
dm-1034 write dev252_1034_wtime gauge      
dm-1382 read dev252_1382_rtime gauge      
dm-1382 write dev252_1382_wtime gauge      
dm-1923 read dev252_1923_rtime gauge      
dm-1923 write dev252_1923_wtime gauge      
dm-1930 read dev252_1930_rtime gauge      
dm-1930 write dev252_1930_wtime gauge      
dm-1932 read dev252_1932_rtime gauge      
dm-1932 write dev252_1932_wtime gauge      
dm-1925 read dev252_1925_rtime gauge      
dm-1925 write dev252_1925_wtime gauge      
dm-1931 read dev252_1931_rtime gauge      
dm-1931 write dev252_1931_wtime gauge      
dm-1880 read dev252_1880_rtime gauge      
dm-1880 write dev252_1880_wtime gauge      
dm-1943 read dev252_1943_rtime gauge      
dm-1943 write dev252_1943_wtime gauge      
dm-1875 read dev252_1875_rtime gauge      
dm-1875 write dev252_1875_wtime gauge      
dm-1952 read dev252_1952_rtime gauge      
dm-1952 write dev252_1952_wtime gauge      
dm-1938 read dev252_1938_rtime gauge      
dm-1938 write dev252_1938_wtime gauge      
dm-1958 read dev252_1958_rtime gauge      
dm-1958 write dev252_1958_wtime gauge      
dm-1959 read dev252_1959_rtime gauge      
dm-1959 write dev252_1959_wtime gauge      
dm-1960 read dev252_1960_rtime gauge      
dm-1960 write dev252_1960_wtime gauge      
dm-1847 read dev252_1847_rtime gauge      
dm-1847 write dev252_1847_wtime gauge      
dm-1972 read dev252_1972_rtime gauge      
dm-1972 write dev252_1972_wtime gauge      
dm-1970 read dev252_1970_rtime gauge      
dm-1970 write dev252_1970_wtime gauge      
dm-1974 read dev252_1974_rtime gauge      
dm-1974 write dev252_1974_wtime gauge      
dm-1979 read dev252_1979_rtime gauge      
dm-1979 write dev252_1979_wtime gauge      
dm-1983 read dev252_1983_rtime gauge      
dm-1983 write dev252_1983_wtime gauge      
dm-1801 read dev252_1801_rtime gauge      
dm-1801 write dev252_1801_wtime gauge      
dm-1988 read dev252_1988_rtime gauge      
dm-1988 write dev252_1988_wtime gauge      
dm-1053 read dev252_1053_rtime gauge      
dm-1053 write dev252_1053_wtime gauge      
dm-2003 read dev252_2003_rtime gauge      
dm-2003 write dev252_2003_wtime gauge      
dm-1962 read dev252_1962_rtime gauge      
dm-1962 write dev252_1962_wtime gauge      
dm-1462 read dev252_1462_rtime gauge      
dm-1462 write dev252_1462_wtime gauge      
dm-1922 read dev252_1922_rtime gauge      
dm-1922 write dev252_1922_wtime gauge      
dm-515 read dev252_515_rtime gauge      
dm-515 write dev252_515_wtime gauge      
dm-1963 read dev252_1963_rtime gauge      
dm-1963 write dev252_1963_wtime gauge      
dm-2039 read dev252_2039_rtime gauge      
dm-2039 write dev252_2039_wtime gauge